How to Apply for a PermitWatch a video demonstration

You can apply for permits online using After filling out the easy-to-use permit application wizard, the Building Department will receive your permit application within minutes. You will receive notification via email describing whether your application is accepted, or if there are errors in the application that you need to fix.

The Add Permit Page

You must add the appropriate property to your ProjectPage before you can apply for a permit. Click Add Properties at left to read about adding a property to your Project Page.
If the correct property is already on your page, click the add permit button at the top right of the the property's header bar.

Enter Permit Type and Description

The first step of the Add Permit wizard is selecting the type of permit you require. If you are not sure which permit type you want to request, please contact the Building Department. After selecting the permit type, enter a description of the work you are doing in the Description box. Examples for the description: new single family residence, piping upfit, adding porch.
Once you have selected a Permit Type and entered a Description, the Continue to next step button will appear. Click on it to continue.

Review Special Permit Information (Optional)

Your Building Department may want you to read special information about the particular permit type you have selected. In that case, a page of information will show up at this stage. Please read the supplied information and print out a copy for your records. Click Next when done.

Enter Permit Information

Entering Permit Information can be daunting initially, so we have broken the page into several pieces:

Step A: Work Class

First, select the work class for this project. This drop-down will have New Construction (no structure exists) and Addition/Remodel (modify a current structure) as options, and may have others as well. If you are erecting a new structure, please select New Construction. If you are modifying an existing structure, select Addition/Remodel. If there is another Work Class (i.e., Demolition or Moving) that is relevant to your permit, please select that.

Step B: New Structure (For New Construction Work Class)

Enter a description for the structure in the Structure Proposed Use box, and click the Create Structure button.
On the Add a New Structure form, you will need to enter information on the structure you are constructing. If you do not know what Occupancy Type and Construction Type your structure is, please contact the Building Department. Once you are finished filling out the structure information, you may click the Calculate button to see your square footage totals. Hit the Click when done button to save these values. If you wish to erase the form and start again, click the Reset button.

Step B: Edit Structure (For Addition/Remodel Work Class)

Select the structure that you are editing (oftentimes a jurisdiction may call a house or building Structure 1 or just Structure if there is only one structure on a property), and click the Create Changes button.
On the Add a New Addition form, you will need to enter information on the addition you are constructing. Please put the change in amount and not the new actual amount in the entry boxes. In other words, if you originally had a one-story structure and you are adding two more, then put the number 2 in the Change to No. Stories box. If the original number is incorrect (many times it will be 0 incorrectly because it was not properly filled out initially), then enter an appropriate number in the entry box so that the final number is correct. In other words, if the house originally had one story, and you are adding two, but the form says Originally 0, then put a 3 in the Change to No. Stories box.
If you are making a number smaller, then enter a negative number into the appropriate entry box. Example: if the old Max Occupancy was 20, and the new Max Occupancy is 15, then set the Change to Max Occupancy to be -5.
If you do not know what Occupancy Type and Construction Type your structure is, please contact the Building Department.
Once you are finished filling out the structure information, hit the Click When Finished button to save these values.

Step B: Enter Work Class Description (Alternate Work Class)

If you are not applying for a New Construction or Addition/Remodel permit, then please enter a description of the work into the description box.

Step C: Enter Contractor, Designer, and Engineer

You should specify the Contractor, Designer, and Engineer for this project. If you do not have a Designer or Engineer, then you may leave those blank; however, you must select the appropriate contractor, which is pre-set to be you. To assign a Contractor, Designer, or Engineer, click the Change or Assign button.
Type in a full or partial last name and an optional first name to search the Building Department database for the Contractor, Designer, or Engineer. Then click the Search button to get a list of results.
Click the Select button next to the correct Contractor, Designer, or Engineer. If you do not see the correct person, search again with less restrictive choices (if you typed in smith for the Last Name and James for the First Name, try just Smith for the Last Name and leave the First Name blank).

Step D: Continue

Once you have completed Steps A through C, click the Continue to next step button.

Enter Fixture Table Information (Optional)

If the permit type you have selected has an associated fixture table, you must specify the fixtures you will be using. Please note that the actual quantity you will be using shows up under Total. In other words, if the Building Department Multiplier for lightbulbs is 3.0000 and you are using 15 lightbulbs, then you should put 5 in the box (5 times 3.0000 is 15).

Read Information

Please read the information supplied about what will happen after you submit your permit applications. Click Submit Permit Application when done.

Print Confirmation

Please print the confirmation page so you have a record of what you have submitted to the Building Department. Click Back to Project Page when done.

Track Your Permit Application

You may track where your permit application is in the Building Department's system from your Project Page. Click on the WebRequest link for your submitted permit (the WebRequest number is on the print-out you have of the confirmation page).