Contractor Services understands that unproductive time leads to project delays, unhappy clients, and reduced profits. That’s why our online contractor services are designed to save you time.

Request, pay for, and track your building permits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Schedule and check the status of inspections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Receive your inspection results in real-time, as soon as they're completed. We'll even send the results straight to your web-enabled cell phone or PDA!

If our services save you even one trip a month, they’re easily worth the cost. Take advantage of our 30-DAY FREE TRIAL and see for yourself.

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" saves me so much time and hassle. Before this online service, the permit application process took me over an hour between travel and processing time. Now I can handle all of my permitting and inspections over the Internet right from my office in no time flat. Dealing with the building department is so much easier now that they have"

- Russ Robinson, Dupree Plumbing
"We love this service! It's so nice not having to listen to a busy signal or be on hold when we're trying to request an inspection. You've made the process of applying for permits and requesting inspections so easy."

- Caroline Garren, Smiths HVAC
"If I'm saving time, I'm saving money. I'm not even a computer person so, if I can do it, anybody can."

- Wendell Garris, Quality Electric